Virtual Summer School 2020


There are various frameworks being used to study the commons, but how to do this in practice? There is a need for feedback on how people apply those concepts to new studies, and we aim to provide this.

In this one week virtual summer school focuses on the application of established and new frameworks to study institutional arrangements of shared resources. Participants will be derive an intensive training in the use and application of the Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) Framework, Robustness of Social-Ecological Systems framework and Coupled Infrastructure Systems Framework. We expect participants being familiar with at least one of those frameworks and use it in their research. We provide an advanced discussion of it’s use and application to case studies. We also provide one-on-one feedback on the research of participants in their application of one of the frameworks. Our perspective on the various frameworks is discussed in Anderies, J.M., M.A. Janssen and E. Schlager (2016), Institutions and the Performance of Coupled Infrastructure Systems, International Journal of the Commons 10(2): 495-516. DOI:

Content of the Course

In preparation of the summer school participants will submit a summary of their research project(s) and a number of questions they will like to see addressed. At the start of the summer school the instructors discuss the various frameworks taking into account the requested discussion points. Each participant will discuss their research with one of the instructors at the beginning of the week and will present a short presentation of their research in the second part of the week.


We aim to provide a summer school with a low carbon footprint and a high accessibility. Instead of an expensive trip to a physical venue, we aim to reserve a 5 day period to provide an immersive experience in working with various frameworks for the study of the commons. Since we are not physically in the same place we will create a curriculum with a mixture of lectures, plenary discussions and one-on-one consultations. We expect all participants to provide a brief presentation on their research. Since we are located in Arizona, the online meetings will happen during daytime in Arizona, USA.


Three established Professors in will teach in the Summer School:

Marty Anderies: School of Human Evolution and Social Change & School of Sustainability (Arizona State University)

Marco Janssen: School of Sustainability (Arizona State University)

Edella Schlager: School of Government and Public Policy (University of Arizona)

Dates and Costs

Potential participants are requested to submit to by March 1, 2020 the following information (SUBMISSION CLOSED):

  • Letter that describes research activities related to IAD/SES/CIS frameworks and a motivation to participate in this summer school.
  • CV of the applicant.


Registration costs for those who are admitted: $80 for IASC members and $100 for non-members.

The registration fee will be used 100% to support the IASC in their basic operations.

This Summer School is organized by the Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment.